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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about BiteSlice:

  • Do you have access to our accounts?
    We don’t ever know or store your passwords. We don’t post on your behalf. We do ensure that you are the owner of the social account and we use “authentication” methods where you have to log in and give permission for our app to access your data. The main reason for this is so no one else can monetize your amazing content.
  • Can I customize my BiteSlice landing page?
    Absolutely! You can customize the backgrounds, gradients, colors, links, text, and fonts. We’re working on new themes so you can even change the layout as well!
  • How do I get paid?
    We deposit money into your bank account automatically each month. If you get accepted into BiteSlice, you’ll have a dashboard that shows how much you earn every day.
  • Where does the money come from?
    From online advertising and content licensing. We generate income from views on your content, then give 75% of that income back to you! Kind of like how YouTube pays creators per video view, we pay creators for everything: views on photos, videos, short form and long form video, and even Tweets – not just what’s on YouTube. We give your content a 2nd life so it has the best chance of getting viewed outside platform walls with new audiences over and over again!
  • Are there video ads on short videos?
    Nope. We don’t want people to watch a 30 second ad before your 20 second video content. That would be super lame. They might see a display ad or “sticky footer” ad below your content that’s relevant to your user, but that’s it.
  • Will these ads compete with brand deals or sponsored posts?
    Nope. If Ford® is paying you to create content, they probably won’t like Toyota® ads appearing on that content. So, we solve this in two ways: 1. Sponsored posts are specifically categorized on platforms, so our tech will see that, read who the sponsor is, and “white list” that sponsor in advertising categories. This means no other ads will appear besides that sponsor in their category. Other ads might, but there’s no direct competition. So, Toyota® won’t appear next to a Ford® Sponsored piece of content and vice versa. 2. Usually, sponsored posts are exclusive to the platform or your channels, which doesn’t include BiteSlice, so you and the brand can continue your fruitful and loving relationship until the end of time ;)
  • Do I post or manage anything on BiteSlice?
    Nope. All you do is sync each platform to BiteSlice and we’ll handle the rest! You can customize your profile if you want, but there’s no brand deals to manage, no product placement, no comment moderation, etc. Continue to post on other platforms and it’ll automatically appear on BiteSlice.
  • Does BiteSlice do content syndication?
    Content syndication is a broad term and could mean a lot of things. Some things we do and some we don’t. Do we repost your old content on other platforms linking back to you? Yes. Do we edit your content? Nope. But the most important thing is that we bring your content outside “platform walls.” We partner with thousands of other channels to ensure your content doesn't get buried by algorithms, but rather re-surfaced by algorithms. We treat every piece of content equally and let SEO drive our strategy. This is ultimately so that you, the creator, wins!
  • Should I replace my bio link?
    Yep yep! The more traffic that sees your content, the more you get paid. Displaying your BiteSlice Profile Link in your social account profile (or direct on your content) is a great first step in doing this. Our SEO and other content syndication channels will help bring traffic and new audiences to your content too.
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