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Image by Jenny Ueberberg
BiteSlice is built by Creators.
For Creators.


We absolutely LOVE building technology for you, the Creator. 

We're technologists, designers, social media managers, creators, musicians, chefs, filmmakers, and photographers. Our team is small, but we're putting the power back in your hands. 

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Our Values


Creator Owned

Any income coming in, Creators share 75%. If it doesn't benefit the creator, we don't want to do it. You always own your content. If there's a new opportunity, our Ambassador Team votes on it. The more creators on our network, the better everyone does.



You bear your soul to the world. The vulnerability isn't without cost. You deserve a bit of rest. We want you to continue doing what you love, with the strength and passion from when you first started. So, that's why we turn off the entire network one day per week and focus on passive income even when you're not creating. 


Return on Creation

As the world changes (especially with AI), we understand that your content needs protection. As you get older, we understand that your net worth should grow. Your content shouldn't be so easily discarded if it needs a bit of tweaking... so we give it a 2nd life. And a 3rd. All so you can compound your return on creation investment.

Meet the Team

We're Building an Ambassador Team Now Too... More Info.

Our Investors

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